About Pure Sugar Candy

Pure Sugar Candy is a custom made hard candy company. On the next several pages you will see lots of beautiful things that we've created since the company started but by no means is all we can do! If you need something special we can make it for you.  Our candy is separated into four categories.

The signature pieces are HOLLOW HARD CANDY and have the look and feel of blown glass. When you buy them you can decide how you would like to eat them. Some people suck on them and some people just break it in the bag and eat it a piece at a time.

The second category is LOLLIPOPS! Some of these are hollow and some are solid but they are all delicious.

Then there wonderful small HARD CANDIES that are individually wrapped. There are so many different shapes to choose from like flowers, hearts, stars, even love birds! We didn't list them all but if you're looking for something special I bet we have it!

Finally our most popular hard candy are CANDY CUBES! They come in 33 flavor combinations. Pina Colada, Iced tea with Lemon, Strawberry Shortcake, Root beer Float, are just a few you can pick from or have us make you your with favorite flavor combination.

We are certified Kosher and our symbol is EK Eastern Kosher. 


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Pure Sugar Candy is manufactured in Holliston, MA. It is a nut free facility and contains no allergens.

Pure Sugar Candy

89 Cross Street

Holliston, MA 01746